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I’m currently working on an Aussie design project doing some cover design with Native Australian Flower as a theme. It is so much fun and I’ve had so many ideas along the way but I think I’m getting closer and closer to the final result.

When I first came to Australia I considered myself a tourist, because mainly I was. I was here to study for a few months and then move back to Sweden with some new knowledge and experience and get a kick-ass job! That was my plan, but plans change and now I’m still in Sydney, living a life I could never dream of.

Anyway! I love shopping, shopping for anything, good stuff, shit stuff, unnecessary stuff, you name it! So shopping for some souvenirs you might think would be easy for me. But turn’s out the variety of “Aussie-branded” stuff was very small, a lot of the same products and designs everywhere. And there is probably one thing I don’t like to buy and that’s cliché stuff, and as you might guess, that’s what I could find in terms of souvenirs.

Cover design to come

So wandering around the markets looking for something I couldn’t find the idea came up in my head to design it myself. And that’s where I’m at now. So far I’m working on cover design and posters and will develop further. Enough with the talking now, here are some cover design… work in progress!


Shop the finished products here!