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Macro photography is one of my favourite techniques! I love getting close up and to be able to see details that sometimes are hard to even catch with your eyes. Since photography is something I like to do on the side of my graphic design business I don’t have a lot of fancy camera gear. Having that said, you can still get some great photos. Wanting to practice it more and using it for a future project of mine (read more about that project here) I decided to get extension tubes and go ahead and shoot some macro!

Macro photography flower

Using extension tubes for macro photography

The reason I got the extension tubes and not a filter or a lens is that is works really well with a 50mm lens (Which I have, lucky!). The results are pretty much as good as a macro lens but for a cheaper price! For around $200 I got three different sized tubes that can be combined or used individually.

The tubes basically extend the length of your lens and you can focus on objects much closer to your camera. A great way to get some beautiful macro images without spending a fortune! I’m not gonna give you a lesson in photography since I’m not a pro, but if you are interested in reading more you can do so here. Or simply google macro photography with extension tube.

Macro photography Diamond RingMacro photography flower

For the first shoot, I just found some pretty objects in my home to try it out on. No extra light, no fancy gear, just the objects as they are. And as you might guess I love flowers. I love taking pictures of flowers, drawing flowers, sniffing flowers, you name it, haha! And as a matter of fact the project I’m intending to use the macros for includes flowers! Lucky me!

Canon1000D Extension Tube

For all images I’ve used my Canon EOS 1000D, with EF 50mm f1.8 plus 31mm extension tube.