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Australia Design

Art Direction, Layout

I’ve finally launched this Australia design project with native Australian flowers as a theme. I had so much fun and I’m happy to introduce my products on Sydney markets.

When I first came to Australia as a tourist I went to lots of markets in Sydney. I love shopping anything, good stuff, cute stuff, unnecessary stuff, you name it! So shopping for some souvenirs you might think would be easy for me. But turn’s out the variety of “Aussie-themed” stuff was very small, a lot of the same products and designs everywhere. And there is probably one thing I don’t like to buy and that’s cliché stuff, and as you might guess, that’s what I could find in terms of souvenirs. So I decided to start working on my own designs, and this is the final result.

I’ve written a blog post about it here as well.

All products are available in my online shop.