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Frida Magazine Layout

Magazine Design & Logo Design 

As head of design the Swedish magazine Frida I got to create this redesign. The over all design had not been updated for years and the company felt it was time for a new look to attract the target audience more. Frida is a celebrity and lifestyle magazine for teenage girls. So it was important for the new design to make them feel excited and not embarrassed to buy a magazine that was to childish in it’s look.

Therefore I designed a new logo that felt less outdated but still reminded of the old one. The cover and the interior layout is cleaner and more modern with updated typography and colors. A lot of research and inspiration from American magazines were considered to take a new and fresh approach.

My role as head designer for Frida was ongoing for a couple of years and I gained a lot of knowledge and experience. Since it was a small team I got to do it all in terms of design. Doing the layout of the whole magazine every two weeks, creating online assets and image retouching. Check out ShapeUp magazine as well!